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We create a skincare line that Malaysians craves where it is designed with natural, high quality and safe ingredients to meet specific skin needs. We care about what you feed you skin with.

Based on Skin Concern

Zarzou skincare line consist of well-curated formulas to target each skin concern and most importantly, friendly for all skin types.

What They Say

Honest feedbacks left by our dearest customers
1. “Look at my old skin… Clogged pores, ada blackhead & whitehead. But after 1 month+ using Zarzou Daily Deep Cleanser, result dia memang best”
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“HSM is my holy grail! My hot day skin saviour sbb bila hari panas, my skin often gets super oily. Spray some HSM and voila! Terus rasa fresh gituew! Another addition to my Zarzou Collection'
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“Using HSM as my setting spray & i’m sooo in love with the result! Before this, I jenis pakai concealer je but since I add HSM before I blend my foundation, I experienced NO MORE cakey makeup & it gives me dewy look as well”
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“Redness and inflammation calms down, well hydrated skin, minimal acne marks and no more flaky skin”
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“Look at my old skin… clogged pores, blackhead & whitehead but after 1 month + of using Zarzou DDC, the result is amazingly flawless”
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“Not fully recovered but my skin looked way healthier and glowing! Yes, I think DDC works well on my skin because I have no more redness and tiny bumps. I also added RSS into my routine!”
“I'm that kind of person who prefer different moisturizer during the day and night but there’s something special about DEM’s texture and formulation that i truly love for both day and night routine for my nomal/oily skin”
“DEM is amazing! I like the texture, very lightweight and senang serap. Most importantly, my skin feels amazing and tak kering or melekit”

Skincare Quiz

Take this skincare quiz to find out your skin type so that we can personalize your skincare regime!

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