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Men vs. Women Skincare Routine & Guide

Men vs. Women Skincare Routine & Guide

You must’ve come across men and women skincare section separately where the men’s be looking all black and macho while women’s are more colorful and wider choices to choose from. So many questions will run in your mind especially if you’re a beginner or just starting to build your skincare routine. Is gender really one of the factors to consider when choosing a skincare? Is women’s skin distinctively different from men?

Skincare Routine in Men & Women

According to accumulated surveys and statistics about men’s beauty, it is observed that men have simpler skincare routine compared to women’s long list of products. Not only that, Men’s skincare usually is fragrance free because they do not prefer fancy smells and their products are generally lighter than women’s. Not to forget that men would definitely buy an all-in-one product if there’s any. But this doesn’t mean that all men is the same, there are some that have the same routine as women and that is fine as long as their skin turns out good.

Men’s Skin Care Basic Steps

  • Cleanser

Unlike women, men don’t really wash their face every day, sometimes not at all. The most perfect is washing their face once per day at night so that their natural oil are kept at optimum. Most men cleansers are focused on oil control because men’s skin produces a lot more oil compared to women.

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  1. Vaseline Men Healthy White Face Wash
  2. Loreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Soothing Birch Sarr Face Wash
  • Serum After Shaving

All of us, regardless men or women, are exposed to the sun which causes oxidative stress that accelerates aging, hyperpigmentation, damaged barrier which can cause acne and many more. Hence why men also need serum that focuses on specific skin concerns. Men can opt for vitamin c products that can universally fight most of the mentioned concerns and apply this after shaving thus gives soothing effect to the newly shaved skin.

Age Defender Power Serum – Men's Anti-Wrinkle Serum – Kiehl's

  1. Kiehl’s Age Defender Power Serum
  2.  Repairing and Soothing Serum
  3. Brightening and Hydrating Serum
  • Moisturizer

It is quite hard to find men who really have solid skincare routine because they don’t regularly moisturize. But that’s okay, because moisturizing is a lot like drinking water, do only when you need it and if your skin isn’t dry.

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  1. Nivea Men Moisturiser
  2.  No7 Energizing Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Since Men are mostly found more outdoor, they are encouraged to put on at least SPF 30 sunscreen not only to the face, but to neck, hands and any other parts that are exposed to the sun.

Face Sunscreen Lotion | BananaBoat® Sport Performance

  1. Banana Boat Ultra Sport Sunscreen

Women’s Skin Care Basic Steps

  • Oil cleanser

Women are suggested to start their routine with oil cleanser to pre-clean their makeups and oil soluble dirt that sits on the surface of the skin. This is especially helpful for the ones who wears makeup daily, oily skin and acne-prone skin.

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  1. Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam
  2.  Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil
  • Cleanser

As women tend to have dry skin than men, they are advised to choose the non-drying type of cleansers and with hydrating ingredients. Even if they have oily skin, they shouldn’t go for foamy and drying cleanser.

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  1. First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleansesr
  2. Simple Moisturising Facial Wash
  • Toner

There are a lot of toners to choose from but the main importance of a toner in women’s skincare routine is to balance pH of their skin as they tend to have higher pH then men.

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  1. Rosen Tropics Toner
  2. Pixi Treatments Glow Tonic
  • Face mist

This one is additional but women love to add this into their skincare routine because of the added benefits they give to the skin such as hydrating, soothing, cooling and many more. And because face mist can also revive their makeup for those who wears them.

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  1. Avene Thermal Spring Water
  2.  Hydrating and Soothing Facial Mist
  • Serum

Just like men, women have specific skin concerns that they like to address with specific serum, one for each. Unlike men, they’d go for one anti-aging serum, acne serum for one acne spot, brightening serum for their hyperpigmentation. You know what I mean!

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  1. Somethinc Bakuchiol Skinpair Oil Serum
  2. Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence
  • Eye cream

As women are more particular about beauty and health, some of them adds eye cream into their skincare routine to depuff swollen eyes, reduce fine wrinkles and the dark circle at the under eye.

8 Best Eye Cream Products in Malaysia - Drugstore Edition - BRASSYCosmoderm Eye Treatment Gel With Co-Enzyme Q10 20ml - healthybeauty365

  1. Simple Eye Cream
  2. Cosmoderm Eye Treatment Gel
  • Moisturizer

As mentioned, women’s skincare products incline to be more complex and richer in texture for example in moisturizers. Moisturizers for women are better formulated in many formats like gel, cream, mousse, lotion, oil and more.

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  2. Somethinc Ceramic Skin Saviour
  • Sunscreen

This part has no difference with men as both gender needs sunscreen to protect from the same thing.

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  1. Innisfree Intensive Triple-Shield Sunscreen

The Differences Between Men & Women Skin

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So why exactly do men have their own allocation of skincare products? There are a couple of reasons why and its mostly because men and women are biologically different.

  • Male body produces hormone called Testosterone which increases the thickness of Men’s skin for about 25% higher than women. As the skin is thicker, it accounts for a rougher texture on men’s skin hence why their skin can withhold more potent ingredients in skincare. with that being said, men’s skin tends to be less sensitive than women.
  • pH factor also plays an important role in both gender but there’s also a difference between them. A balanced pH value of women’s skin is higher than that of men which attributes to dry skin problems among women.
  • Another reason why men’s skin needs simpler care than women’s sophisticated products is because men’s sebaceous gland produces more oil which prevents moisture loss. This is because, men secrete more androgenic hormones than women which causes an increase in sebum production. Consequently, this allows natural moisturization for the men over the adult years meanwhile women are prone to dryness and moisture loss. On the other hand, men are more likely to experience oily and acne prone skin.
  • Men lose collagen at a lower rate compared to women therefore women’s skin experience fine lines and wrinkles earlier than men. This happens because collagen is the one responsible for the structure and elasticity in our skin.


Gender: Specific Skin Issues

Common skin issue in men includes razor rash due to their shaving routine and thick skin. These rashes may irritate the skin and worse, may turn into inflammation. This condition is called pseudofollicullitis barbae. Ingrown hair is more common in shaved area as some hair gets stuck before their hair follicles.

Meanwhile for women, they tend to have hormone-related issue like hormonal acne, melasma and so on. All these issues come as reaction to their hormone which isn’t a continuous phase.

Apart from this gender-specific issues, other skincare ingredients for both men and women are mostly similar. for instant, benzoyl peroxide is used to treat acne or spots on their skin.

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