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Raya Edition: Prep for Glowing Skin

Raya Edition: Prep for Glowing Skin

It’s finally the time of the year that we get to dress up, primp and proper to get down for some photoshoots with the loved ones. Of course, it’s the Raya season that I’m talking about. It isn’t raya if the girls and the boys aren’t trying their best to look stunning with their new clothes, shoes, bags and many more. It’s quite different for the girls as they have so many to prepare for, like the hair, the nails, the lashes and the most important one, the skin!

Everyone wants to look flawless especially during this season because we’ll surely take the most photos. That’s why you need to make sure that your skin is “Raya-Ready”. What are the things you can do to achieve a natural, flawless glowing skin just in time for raya? Here’s a guide for a one-week skin prep routine that you can do just before raya.

Skin Prep

There is an 8-steps skin preparation which includes basic routine and additional treatments to pamper your skin for a glow finish by the end of the week.


This is the most basic step in your skincare routine which might have a subtle effect. But believe it when they say that a good skin starts from a good cleanser. Any cleanser that has a low pH and empties clogged pores is considered a good cleanser. But be sure to choose the suitable one according to your skin type for example, cream-based cleanser for dry skin, gel type for oily skin and gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.

P.S: max your daily wash only two time a day or you’ll be ruining your skin barrier.


Exfoliating is an additional step that slough away dead skin cells that is causing your dull skin. It is recommended to exfoliate twice a week as it works to increase cell turnover rate that leaves your face with renewed and glowing skin cells.  


Follow up your routine with a toner to tone down those pore appearances aside from gaining moisture inside your skin. This is also a crucial step that preps your skin before absorbing all the other products efficiently. Other than that, toner helps to balance and neutralize your skin tone.


A hydrating product is key, and its not the same as moisturising. I’m talking about a face mist, precisely HSM! Spray the entire face with water that is packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Green tea extract for hydration. This is the major factor for the natural glow on your skin because this water aids in fusing the next product into your skin rather than just leaving it on top. If you have a dry skin, opt for sandwich method as your skin needs the extra hydration so that your finished makeup look won’t end up cakey and cracked during midday.


Now this is the secret to your healthy-looking skin during this festive season. Prepping your skin with BHS surely gives you the glossy satisfaction for your make up look. Apply a thin layer on your skin twice a day and do not worry as it is lightweight, leaving your skin just as how it is. As you know Brightening & Hydrating Facial Serum (BHS) contains the holy ingredient vitamin C derivative which instantly boost any skin complexions and even out your skin tone while giving you enough hydration from hyaluronic acid. It’s no secret that with these ingredients, you could achieve the radiant look that you’re aiming for this Raya. Say hi to blinding photos that’ll get your Insta followers drooling!

Acne Buster

To keep your skin in check from any unwelcomed creatures like acne, you’ve got to include an acne buster. Ingredients like Centella Asiatica has the ability to soothe any redness that keeping you from getting a glowy skin. If acne likes to appear on your skin once in a while or if your skin is acne-prone, it’s more likely that your pores are clogged because your skin barrier is compromised. Hence the very reason that you need niacinamide in your routine as it improves your barrier functionality aside from controlling your oil production. A great acne buster like RSS is all your skin needs to get you cleared for the flawless makeup look. You can apply this as a spot treatment and let dry before applying moisturizer, or you can apply it all over the face.



The ending must be as good as the beginning, and so it goes. Just like cleanser, moisturizer is another basic but most crucial step in your skincare routine. It’d be such a waste to let all the products you have applied to dry out of your skin if you didn’t seal them with a moisturizer. After acne treatment, your skin is thirsty for moisture. Be sure to apply a hefty amount for a healthy-looking skin


Here’s the fun part! Sheet Mask is actually your way to go for that final instant glow as it is so easy and quick to use. Sheet Mask, also called Cheat Sheet provides various benefits that will have your skin immediately looking nourished and plump.  You can either use it minimum three times a week or every day, if you’d like to!

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